Squash In The Veins


Before going into this e-book read these few simple tips, which will help you during navigation. Being an e-book, Squash In The Veins, is full of hyperlinks which take the reader to related arguments or further explanations. The hyperlinks are also used to open video clips. All hyperlinks are in light blue.


When reading through the text, before clicking on a hyperlink, which presents related information, make a mental note of your starting point. To go back to your original reading point, use the back button of your browser.


Remember to switch on your speakers. To watch the video clips, it is recommended to set your default setting to full screen. This is most important to get a clear view of the ball and the action.


The first page is the table of contents or Index. This allows rapid access to whichever argument you wish to read. Obviously, it is advisable to read the whole book in an orderly fashion, but if you need to make a quick search, the hyper linked index will take you there immediately.


Remember, if you have any questions, I, your personal coach will be happy to answer through hesham@shotsquash.com


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