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Foreword by the Author, Hesman El Attar 
(coach to world no. 3 Ahmed Barada)

Dear Squash Player and/or Coach:

After almost 30 years of experience first as a player and then as a coach, I have deviced this CD as an indispensable system for improving the game of players at all levels.

Shot Squash 2000 is a coaching/training system which consists of colour coded targets corresponding to all the shots played on a squash court. These targets have been laid out with specific dimensions and positioning in order to enable players to perfect their shots. The targets have been studied to suit players of all levels:

This is not a CD specifically designed to provide detailed explanation on technique and tactics (for that visit http://www.shotsquash.com/ to see our other new products). Instead, this CD has plenty of practical exercises deviced to help you improve your game or that of your pupils.

The Shot Squash 2000 court has many advantages:

And that's just the beginning. You have more than 350 colour diagrams of exercises accompanied by video clips to use with the special court. Plus, an infinite number of condition games to work on weak points or allow players of very different levels to play and practice together.

The exercises are numbered and colour coded by difficulty level and summarized in a quick and easy-to-use index. Just choose the type of exercise you would like to practice, click on the numbers, look at the diagrams, watch the sample video, practice and fill-out the practice table. Know your percentage of shots on target, practice and see yourself improve: you will love it!

Yours truly,

Hesham El Attar

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